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Indian Friend Finder is a great place to make new Indian Friends. It’s better than any social media site because you have so much to do there it’s extremely rewarding.
The majority of members of Indian Friend Finder come from all parts of India. The largest metropolitan areas have the most members. But you will also find India Friend Finder members all around the world especially the United Kingdom and United States.

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Membership at Indian Friend Finder

The basic membership at Indian Friend Finder is free but to get the most out of it , you should use the either Silver or Gold Plans. The breakdown of benefits is shown below.

Membership Prices

  Silver Total amount Cost Each  
  1 Month $19.99 $19.99  
  3 Months $35.97 $11.99  
  12 Months $107.88 $8.99  
  Gold Total amount Cost Each  
  1 Month $29.99 $29.99  
  3 Months $59.97 $19.99  
  12 Months $95.88 $7.99  

Prices last updated on 31st Oct 2012

Compare Plans

  Basic access Free Silver Gold
  Create photo profile yes yes yes
  View profiles in full   yes yes
  Create favorites lists yes yes yes
  View private photos   yes yes
  Send friend requests   yes yes
  Searching Free Silver Gold
  Save searches   yes yes
  Search/browse profiles yes yes yes
  Appear first in searches   yes yes
  Use advanced searching   yes yes

Advanced searching for members is when for example you are searching for Blonde BBW Indians or have really narrow focus of what you are looking for in your searching.

  Communication Free Silver Gold
  Send email to full members   yes yes
  Send email to free members   yes yes
  Read email from full members yes yes yes
  Read email from free members yes yes yes
  Send ice-breakers yes yes yes
  Respond to IM chat requests yes yes yes
  Initiate IM conversations yes yes yes
  Profile Management Free Silver Gold
  Customize your profile yes yes yes
  Extra data storage   yes yes
  Upload Personal Videos yes yes yes
  See who’s viewed your profile yes yes yes
  Matchmaking Free Silver Gold
  Receive suggested matches yes yes yes
  Use matchmaking tools yes yes yes
  Media Free Silver Gold
  View Video Profiles   yes yes
  View Webcam   yes yes
  Services Free Silver Gold
  Use blogs and forums yes yes yes
  Use chatrooms yes yes yes

Indian Friend Finder Chat Room

Indian Friend Finder has several chat rooms for members. Some of them are: The Lobby ,Hulchul Chat Room, Nukkad Chat Room, Jai Bollywood Chat Room, Shaddi ya Barbaadi Chat Room . There are several other chat rooms as well.

Indian Friend Finder Success Stories

Below are some of the success stories from Indian Friend Finder. For more success some simple things to do are encouraged. Create a blog. Creating a blog allows others to see what types of things interest you and you might find a match just based on a blog post. Send out emails to members and of course check your emails. Creating a good profile also helps .

angelica2000 writes:

I came as a very fresher on this site but from the very first day i never felt that i am a new person here, indian friend finder seems so easy nd quick site as compared to the others. I got so many profiles with proper details here. And access is also very easy. I made many new friends & i trust iff is not an fake friend site which have people of fake id’s but all the profiles are checked by iff team and the data is valuable. In addition to this iff team keep an record by alloting a specific code no. for every reply you send to your friends for security reasons. All in all i would like to say that i got many nice trustworthy friends through iff as was new in city & not having any contacts. Indian Friend Finder provided me a very easy& reliable access to the people in my circle. Thank you indian friend finder I do not feel alone now as iff have given me nice friend circle on which i can rely.


Since the time I have joined IFF, I have found many friends, I chat with them, they are very lovely and very worth making friends. From the inside of my heart, I wish to thank IFF for such a wonderful site.

sexykomol writes

i am lesb through this i got a good partner with whom i am living and wish to marry , she loves me much , she elder to me too much and divorcee , she used to love me every day , and now i am very happy.

Join Indian Friend Finder and Make New Indian Friends Free

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