Online Gay Dating at Adult Friend Finder and Outpersonals

Everyone is Dating Online these days be it for long term relationships or one night stands a Date is a Date and Online or Cellphone is the way many people are choosing to go.This page will give a comparison of two sites tailored for Gay Dating.

Online Gay Dating at Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the largest Online Dating and Singles site. It’s much more than just for swingers or straight people. Many of its members are either gay or bisexual and there’s a good reason why.The amount of people who are members.There are over a million members at Adult Friend Finder of men who are looking for men and this does not include straight or bisexual men. Including the straight and bisexual swinger and you get many more men who are available at Adult Friend Finder.At Adult Friend Finder , you can browse member’s personal ads and videos or chat with members broadcasting from their webcams.
Another great opportunity for Gay Dating at Adult Friend Finder is meeting bisexual and male female couples who are looking for threeway. And you can also meet lesbian couples looking for male partners.There are more opportunities for casual sex at Adult Friend Finder.

Online Gay Dating at Outpersonals

Outpersonals is limited to men. So either gay or bisexual men are on the menu here.From single gay men to couples looking for group sex , it’s a cool place to hook up. Get webcams and one great thing about Outpersonals is there is a section in the magazine for those whose lives are in the closet. It’s a forum with members posting about themselves.It’s a great place for those in the closet looking for friends in the same situation.The In the Closet Forum can make you feel less alone.Also in the magazine section of Outpersonals , you will find gay erotic stories written by members.

Online Adult Chatrooms at Adult Friend Finder and Outpersonals

Both of Adult Friend Finder and Outpersonals have chatrooms the difference is Adult Friend Finder has a gay chatroom in addition to hundreds of other chatrooms including bisexual , threeway , groups and more. At anytime there are hundreds or thousands of people chatting at Adult Friend finder while Outpersonals seem to have at most a hundred chatters. Now only a few people can be interested in what being chatted about so the Outpersonals chatroom would be a little more intimate .

Membership Costs

Membership costs vary between the two sites slightly with Adult Friend Finder costing a little more.Either way the membership is very little compared to going out for dinner or a bar for several drinks.The memberships are tiered to free , silver and gold with gold membership getting the most benefits. In both cases , you have to be a member to contact fellow members and access to webcam chat with members requires the same thing.
Online Gay Dating at Adult Friend Finder or Outpersonals has its pros and cons. Outpersonals certainly has more going on for those who are In the Closet or love reading gay erotica , while Adult Friend Finder has something for those bisexual men or those looking for bisexual or more variety in their sex life.

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